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Speak Glamher is a positive and proactive community for women & girls.

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Our Mission

Speak GlamHer’s mission is to speak and lead efforts that educate, empower, and bring glamour to health issues that impact women of color.

But why is this important?

  • 1 in 9 women living with HIV are unaware they have it

  • 1 in 48 Black women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with HIV in their lifetime


  • 87 % of Black women living with HIV contracted it through heterosexual contact


  • The rate of HIV transmission for black women is nearly 16x of white women and 5x the rate of hispanic women

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"This organization (Speak GlamHer) has given me the opportunity to not only feel more empowered about the responsibility and privilege that it is to be a black woman in America, but to also teach and inspire other black women around me to be the same image of inspiration in their own lives. It definitely gave me the extra "black girl magic" touch to everything I do and continue to strive for and I have to thank Speak GlamHer for that extra touch."

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